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You are a Reflection of Perfection - How your thoughts will influence your life.


"The book that will give you the mastery of your life!"

"You are a Reflection of Perfection" is based on Corey's experience and insights as a practicing minister-healer. He will show you that your thoughts have the potential to solve and heal your problems.


When you become aware of your relationship with universal love, your life will make a turn for the best.


"You are a Reflection of Perfection" will keep you fascinated from beginning to end. 

In plain language, the mysteries of life will be unveiled, and it will become clear why some seem to have all the breaks and others all the failures.

You will become aware of the important parts of the law of cause and effect plays in your life. You do not have to be a victim of this law, but can become its master.


Corey van Loon became aware of the healing power of love as a child of five years old. Since then he has been active as a spiritual healer. After years of studies in metaphysics, philosophy, and religion and having been active in the business world and the para-medical field, he became active as a new thought minister-healer some thirty years ago.


Corey's healing ministry is worldwide. Thousands of people around the world have benefited from his healing-conscriousness.


Also available by Corey van Loon: "The Power of Affirmative Prayer".


You are a reflection of perfection, by Corey van Loon

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